May 27th 2022

What Is Sales Progression?

When talking about the process of moving a property sale along from offer to completion, you may hear people use the term ‘sales progression’. At BreezeMove, we prefer to use the term ‘sales completion’.
When talking about the process of moving a property sale along from offer to completion, you may hear people use the term ‘sales progression’. At BreezeMove, we prefer to use the term ‘sales completion’. 
We feel like this more accurately defines what we strive to achieve – a quicker and smoother path to completion for all parties, while reducing the risk of sales falling through. 
But what actually is sales completion? How does it work? What does it mean for each party involved in the property transaction process? Well, let our team at BreezeMove give you the breakdown on what sales completion means and what it looks like for people who choose our innovative sales completion platform.

First of all, what does traditional sales progression look like?

Unfortunately, traditional sales progression is very outdated. There remains a divide between all parties involved, as well as a heavy reliance on pen and paper and the delegation of work to sales progressors who have little control or visibility of all aspects of the transaction. 
Once an offer has been accepted, estate agents generally prefer to move on and try to secure the next property offer, leaving the completion process to solicitors and their own sales progressors who are responsible for chasing one side of the transaction. 
While this allows them to help the next buyer/seller as soon as possible, it forces the current buyers and sellers to walk the path to completion alone, not knowing the process and often chasing up solicitors for updates because they have no idea what is going on behind closed doors. Then solicitors are frequently disturbed from doing their job because they have to spend time relaying what they are doing and where about they are in the conveyancing process from a number of different parties in the transaction. A job that is already inefficient from the outset as they have to take steps to discover all relevant property information themselves. 
This way of working only creates confusion, frustration, and dissatisfaction for all involved. It can even result in some property transactions falling through, potentially setting everyone back by months.

How we made improvements

We saw a world where sales completion was a much simpler process, and so we made it a reality.
By using our sales completion platform, buyers and sellers can reduce the chance that their transaction will fall through, and even speed up the process to completion from 22 weeks to just 8 weeks.
We introduced a level of transparency into the process, too, by making every step along the way easily visible through our centralised digital platform. Once a checkpoint is reached we send an automated email to estate agent, buyer, seller and both solicitors to notify and align all parties, meaning less calls to and from agents, client and solicitors whilst providing a better moving experience for buyer and seller.
Estate agents can reduce overheads with less staff having to chase clients and solicitors for updates whilst reducing conveyancing times, meaning they can receive payment sooner, as well as spend less time being the middle man and dealing with correspondence between buyers, sellers, and solicitors. This means that they can spend their time securing buyers for other properties that they are marketing while easily overseeing any ongoing sales completion processes.
The same goes for solicitors, who don’t have to deal with as many queries about what they are currently working on so they have more time to actually spend doing the legal work. As part of our platform We also collate upfront property information and provide this to the solicitors directly, giving them a head start on conveyancing.
So what exactly do we do to bring about these fantastic results? Here’s what the sales completion process looks like when an estate agent uses BreezeMove.

Sales completion step by step

When an offer is accepted, the estate agent will create a case on our platform sending secure logins to the buyer and the seller, who will then upload identification, AML Checks and complete any additional documents like property information forms. 
After buyer and seller are onboarded we provide a range of quotations from verified solicitors on our platform. All solicitors go through our extensive due diligence to ensure they are the best choice for clients, whilst having to meet our strict KPI’s for efficiency throughout the process. Clients can choose organically from the options, based on price quotation and google ratings of the solicitors. 
Upfront property information is uploaded directly onto our platform when clients are onboarding so that solicitors can get to work on the legal process. Every step along the way is documented and visible for everybody involved. We find that this reduces stress and makes the experience more enjoyable for all involved, leaving everybody to work in the most efficient manner possible. 
And because of the streamlining that we have performed for every step along the way, completion will come around sooner than with other estate agents  not using BreezeMove.

So why should you use BreezeMove?

If you want the best chance at experiencing the quickest, most trouble-free conveyancing process possible, then it is a no-brainer that BreezeMove should be your sales completion platform of choice. If you would like to know more information, or if you are an estate agent who wants to increase the satisfaction of your customers while decreasing the time spent in conveyancing, then get in touch with us directly today.

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