For Estate Agents

The world has become more digital and it’s time that you changed with it by using our free sales completion platform.

We don’t want you to be flooded with calls and emails from customers about how their sale is progressing. We want you to do what you to best: marketing to new customers and attending viewings to sell properties. Because the BreezeMove sales completion platform is completely transparent, your customers will not need to chase things up with you. This reduces the number of follow-up calls coming into your office by 25% and pushes sales through fast, with our centralised system bringing together all parties for live progress updates.

We make your life easier

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. We are all so used to having instant access to information, so when their transaction goes dark it’s only natural that they will want to know what’s going on and why.

Our real time agent app automatically notifies buyers and sellers when their transaction progresses. They can also see a precise timeline of what needs to be done by each sides solicitors to get to the next stage, freeing you up from being the middleman. And because of the increased communication that we provide to your customers, the fall-through rate dramatically decreases. Meaning you can go about your business without worrying about re-listing properties again and again, saving you time and money.

How it Works

For Estate Agents

The BreezeMove process
Once you are signed up to our platform, all you need to do is create a case on our easy-to-use platform, this sends the buyers and sellers their log ins which brings them into BreezeMove. They will then complete their details and we will onboard them, bearing the cost ourselves and confirming checks such as IDs, anti-money laundering, and chain information.

Buyer and seller then choose their solicitor from our verified panel, with quotes automatically generated along with ratings so clients have complete autonomy on who to choose.

Then sit back and relax as the conveyancing process proceeds as normal for buyers, sellers, and solicitors, only without you having to chase and update along the way.

Our conveyancing app automatically sends clear updates to all parties when a step is completed. On top of this, we ensure our approved solicitors are fast and efficient at moving sales along, which means you can receive payment quicker than if you didn’t use BreezeMove.

Our secret is our solicitors
We have our own list of pre-approved solicitors that your customers can quickly choose from. This list is shown to your customers at the start of their journey, so they are well aware of who is managing their transaction and how to contact them independently if needed.

In order to keep standards high and conveyancing completion fast, we ensure solicitors meet our strict criteria for efficiency and monitor this internally with our KPIs.

What this means for you is that once your customers have had an offer accepted, the process moves much faster than usual. No more confusion as to why things have stalled, no more picking up the phone to ask you questions.

And if you already have a great working relationship with your own solicitors, then refer them to our platform and once they sign up, for free, you can continue as normal.

Make Moving Home a Breeze

A quicker, more efficient way to completion