For Solicitors

Receive high quality, onboarded clients through our sales completion platform, completely risk free

How it Works

For Solicitors

We have solicitors all over the country signed up to our solicitor panel. You could be one of them, receiving high quality, already onboarded clients through our sales completion platform, with fees only payable when the case completes.

Because we require extensive upfront information such as BASPI, AML, and ID checks, you can get straight to work focusing on the legal process, saving time and efficiency.

One of the many benefits of being on our verified panel is that you get to set your own pricing structure which automatically generates quotes when clients come through the system. Cases are organically generated when clients pick you from our selection of solicitors.

Our platform is completely secure for solicitors to use yet also transparent with how conveyancing is progressing. This means that you will receive less queries from buyers and sellers and their estate agents as to how the sale is moving along, leaving you to get on with the important legal work rather than answering update queries constantly.
Unlike most other sectors conveyancing has always lagged behind in its implementation and utilisation of legal technology. The majority of the process is exactly the same as it was a quarter of a century ago. BreezeMove will bring Conveyancing into the 21st century offering transparency to all parties involved in the transaction and security to clients

Michael Rose Baylis - Adonis Michael - Managing Director

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