August 2nd 2022

How to choose a solicitor when buying or selling your property

When you're buying or selling a home, it's essential to have a good solicitor in place.
A solicitor is responsible for overseeing the conveyancing process when a property is ready to sell. They'll prepare legal documents, handle the money, and ensure the property's ownership transfers over. They're also on standby if you have any questions or concerns about the sale.

A high-quality solicitor will make sure the process runs quickly and smoothly. If you're wondering how to choose the best solicitor, here are our top tips for finding the right one for your needs.

Plan ahead

Collate all the documents you may be asked for at the start of the process. For instance, if you're selling a property you will be asked for records such as an electrical safety report, Gas certificates, FENSA certificates, and other evidence such as planning consent and building control certificates if you have had work completed on the property. Ensuring this documentation is to hand will save hours and potentially weeks off the transaction.
Engaging a solicitor early is always a good idea, this way you have a direct point of contact as soon as your offer is accepted on the sale or purchase. As you generally only pay solicitor fees when the transaction completes you're ready to buy or sell, it's a good idea to get organised and choose a solicitor ahead of time.

The best solicitors have very busy schedules, so by planning ahead, you can ensure they're available when you need their services, without any delay when the transaction is ready to commence.

Ask friends and family

When you search for 'conveyancing solicitors' online, you're likely to find a lot of options, which can be confusing!

It's always a good idea to speak to family and friends and ask who they used when they bought or sold their homes. They'll be able to let you know who they recommend, as well as who they had a bad experience with.

The estate agent you use may be happy to recommend some solicitors to work with but take their recommendations with a pinch of salt.

Be careful not to always go with the solicitor you see as the cheapest option. Online solicitors are often cheaper than those with offices, however, this doesn’t guarantee a better service and often there is a clear lack of communication, and indeed action with ‘factory conveyancers’.

Check online reviews

We always read online reviews when buying things like televisions or furniture, and the same principle should also apply to choosing a solicitor.

Most solicitors will have reviews on Google you can check out, and some companies are on Trustpilot too. If someone has left a negative review, see how the solicitor has responded. This can tell you a lot about how they will act if things go wrong.

Get a quote

It's important to understand what you're getting for your money when you choose a conveyancing service. The cheapest offer may sound tempting, but it might not necessarily be the best option, especially if it means your deal could potentially fall through.

Ask the solicitors you speak to what will be included in the price. Will everything be covered, or will you need to pay for extras, for example, if you want an expedited service?

A good solicitor will break down the quote for you and explain what everything means in simple terms.

Don't be afraid to get a few quotes, but make sure the services offered are like-for-like.

Don't worry about location

We're often asked if it's important for a solicitor to be local to you. The good news is that you can choose a solicitor in another part of the country as they don't need to visit your property or meet you in person. Most solicitors will have online portals to enable you to complete all their documentation.
This opens up the available options as it means you get a wider range of solicitors to choose from.

Quick note: Property sales laws differ in Scotland and England. This means it's best to pick a solicitor that operates in the part of the UK where you're buying or selling your property.

How BreezeMove can help you choose the perfect solicitor

Choosing the right solicitor when you're moving home can be a challenge. The good news is when you use BreezeMove, we make picking the right solicitor pain-free.

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Transparency is vital to us, and you'll be able to collect quotes from prospective solicitors before you choose who you want to work with. No nasty surprises and you only pay when the work is done.

Not only this, but you'll receive updates every step of the way. No need to call the solicitor's office every day to see how things are progressing.

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